Aievea music videoclips

Since I’m a member of Aievea band I take care of all the videos for the band. They all started as content for concerts but they did became to something like music videoclips. Some of them more and some of them less.

The main thing I have to mention about this clips is that I enjoy doing them as a personal recreation since I am my own client. The versions for concert do evolve each time. I can’t stop tinkering around. And I also love to interconnect them.  less talk and more video:

Aievea – Joy of life

Aieva – Azi

Aievea – Am uitat

Aievea – Slowly

Aievea – Papillon

Opinia Publica

Tocmai ce a avut premiera si piesa Opinia publica la teatrul din sibiu. Este una din piesele cele mai solide conceptual la care am lucrat pana acum si sunt foarte fericit cu ce am reusit sa producem. A fost una dintre putinele piese la care toata lumea de la scenografie pina la muzica, regie, coregrafie a tras tare. nu a avut timp nimeni de politici, de cine isi impune ideea lui preferata sau cine ce credit isi ia.  Toata lumea pur si simplu a dat si cristi a reusit sa imbine toate elementele ceea ce nu e usor. Cred ca este o piesa completa.

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tvr 50

the anniversary of 50 years. Romanian national television. long and strange history. For the event I was in charge of the whole video starting from the tv screens at the entrance, to the projections on the television tower, from the visuals made live to the reel of 2007 season. It was a great project and it remained a cornerstone in the events landscape and it was all possible because of the team : dragos buhagiar (stage designer) and vlaicu golcea (sound)