the video came as a response to the romanian political turmoil of summer 2007, the 322 referendum (parliament vs president)

“The artist Daniel Gontz has realized it as response/ statement against the serious turmoil during the summer 2007 resulting from the impeachment referendum of the then President of the Republic Traian Basescu.(2) In the video there is the spotless and evident disapproval of the Romanian artistic world in front of those facts and events: at the beginning, on the background of the images, it is visible the table lamp designed by Vlad Nanca (with the inevitable pop-stylized forms of the Dacia) and then a photographic work by Gontz himself as a reply/homage to a piece of the group subREAL (formed, in the Nineties, not only but also by Calin Dan and Dan Mihaltianu); the video finishes with the gallerist Dan Popescu, who brutally breaks down the Television of State with a hammer. ”
by Eleonora Farina as presented on “Playlist” at Neon>campobase