blue spots signalize the aesthetic earthquake that has been shaking the Romanian cities for the past 15 years.
The elements involved in this cataclysm are noiseproof window panes, rigips, sandstone, the residual space left behind by the communist urbanism, a plethora of glass facades, fractions of the television’s visual culture, euphoric demolitions, cages for bodyguards, plastic plants, black marble, adornments made of stainless metal and ideas about architecture that defy any norm by means of which a city exists and develops usually.
It felt imperative that I react to the suffocating ugliness of numerous buildings that were constructed in these last few years.
The spots indicate danger and I believe that the peril of aesthetical degradation is just as menacing as the risk of an earthquake. The red spots tell you to stay away, the blue ones urge you to take a stand.
A project by Daniel Gontz and Gianina Carbunariu

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